About us

Since its creation in 2002, Profenex Inc. has made a name for itself in the PVC and hybrid windows and doors industry in the Eastern Townships.

Over the years, this family business has always been synonymous with excellence in designing, manufacturing, and installing exterior doors, patio doors, and windows. Driven by the desire to always effectively meet the specific needs of its varied clientele, Profenex Inc. offers high-end residential products (windows, doors, patio doors). Over the years, Profenex Inc. has built a reputation based on quality, durability, efficiency, aesthetic appearance, security, and energy efficiency.

Vision and Mission

Firmly focused on a vision of innovative manufacturing with cutting-edge German machinery and equipment, our mission is to always meet the needs of consumers while exceeding the industry’s performance standards with high-performance Energy Star certified products.

Our mission is to offer you the best windows and doors, but also to meet your expectations as a client.

Our work demonstrates our expertise. We will be able to guide you in your renovations or building project to help you consider all of the options and new products in the industry.

Facility tour

  1. Introduction to the representatives
  2. Cutting and preparing moulded components
  3. CNC machining
  4. Welding and deburring
  5. Window assembly (hardware)
  6. Door assembly (sealed units)
  7. Hybrid
  8. Packaging / Delivery / Installation